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Appinions Inc. provides a SaaS influence marketing platform and related services that let people see the web through the lens of peoples' opinions.

BitWire Logo

Bitwine is a services marketplace that allows individuals to sell/buy real-time services online. The service incorporates chat, video and audio, along with a payment system.

Cloudsmith Logo     Exited via sale to Puppet Labs

Cloudsmith has developed a web service that lets software developers define stacks (dependencies) from a cloud of shared packages which may be extended to include your own private components. Stacks can then be validated, shared with whomever you want, and installed wherever you want, directly from the cloud.


Keepy is the new way for families to save & share memories. We built Keepy so you can preserve the magic of each family through photos, art, schoolwork, mementos and more. Enrich them with voice overs and videos, and share them with your children's grandparents and loved ones.

Market Jolt

Market Jolt is a stock prediction marketplace that lets casual investors tap into the expertise of other members who have demonstrated outstanding track records.

pando     Exited via sale to Microsoft

Pando Networks has developed an edge content delivery cloud which has been installed by tens of millions of people. The service improves the performance of online media delivery for games, video and software.

Payoneer Logo

Payoneer offers a service that enables Internet based sites to 'payout' money to their affiliates or people who provide services or content to them on a global basis. As a MasterCard® certified ISO Payoneer provides an outsourced online solution for web based companies.

Reimage Logo     Exited via M&A

Reimage enables computer technicians to remotely diagnose and repair problems with their clients' computers in minutes.

Plum Willow     Closed

SparkRebel is a social shopping community which enables people to express their fashion style, create outfits, share their creations and purchase items all online.

structured web

StructuredWeb helps you connect your teams, channel partners, and agencies to execute marketing programs that drive demand and increase revenue.


Tracx provides a social media management service which enables brands and agencies to gain real-time insight to enhance and influence their social streams.


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